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Canan Material was founded by Dr. Dingjun Wang in 2006. It is located in Xi Hu Science Park of Hangzhou, adjacent to the Zijingang campus of Zhejiang University. It is a national high-tech enteterprise, national specialized and innovative giant enterprise and provincial high-tech R&D center . Canan Material is also ISO-9001, 14001, and 45001 certified.

Canan Material has built a modern plant with state of the art facilities and equipments with excellent geographical location and convenient transportation. Canan Materia’s new facility at Hangzhou Bay New Zone in Ningbo city has been in operation since 2024. The new plant has manufacturing capacity of 3,000 t/a of catalysts and 2,000 t/a of spent precious metal catalyst recycling. Canan Material is specialized in the research, development and production of precious metal and other base metal catalysts which widely applied in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, fine chemical, natural gas chemical, agrochemical,environmental and oleochemical markets. Canan Material also provides services in refining and recycling of precious metals. Canan Material always upholds “quality first and customer first” as its business objective and “technology innovation” as its competitive driving force. We have developed thousands of new catalysts with own intellectual property right. Our commitment to excellence and superior customer service has given us a national wide reputation of being the best in the industry. Canan Material will continue to make unremitting efforts to provide best catalysts and optimized catalytic technology to our customers in China and the world and work with our customers for their growing needs and competitive advantages. We are committed to carry our social responsibilities and to meet environmental and safety compliances.

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Heterogeneous Catalysts

Precious mentals Pd,Pt,Rh,Ru etc. on supported material like active carbon, alunima, silica, calcium carbonate, barium sulfate etc. for typical reactions like hydrogenation, dehalogenation, dehydrogenation, Hydrosilylation...

Homogeneous Catalysts

Homogeneous catalysts and ligand compounds, metal precursors, etc. are easy to be dispersed/dissolved in the same phase with the reactants, often with high activity and high selectivity, active center uniformity and other characteristics...

Characterized Catalysts

Formed by some practices and technological breakthroughs. It has been put into the commercial market and are widely used in petroleum/coal chemical industry, dyes, pigments, medicine, pesticides, intermediates and fine chemicals, environmental protection...